Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft EMS delivers one identity platform, that provides a comprehensive protection for you and your employees' devices, apps and data.

Organisations have transformed their business through data mobility and accessibility. For every enterprise, IT maximum security and control over data is needed. Your organisation deserves a one-of-a-kind solution, specifically designed to protect your data, and at the same increase workforce productivity and efficiency. The answer? EMS. It offers the right data protection - and is the most comprehensive enterprise mobility solution on the market.

Enterprise Mobility enables seamless and secure access management solution to apps, groups, and devices with integration across cloud and on-premises directories. It provides the convenience of single sign-on access to virtually any application used within your organisation with one unified identity. This includes Microsoft Office 365 apps to thousands of other popular SaaS apps.

With Microsoft EMS, people can work securely using the devices and apps anywhere. It extends its access to users outside your organisation for an easier and secure way of collaborating with other businesses to streamline operations and let you stay ahead of the competition..

Cased Dimensions Microsoft Alliance Partner

Enterprise Mobility’s conditional access focuses on securing the user identity that can help ensure productivity while keeping corporate data secure. Its enhanced security and compliance protect identities that reduce risk without disrupting valid users.

Cased Dimensions aim to provide a more secured and safer way of provisioning changes across your organisation’s systems instantly. Our holistic, identity-driven, and innovative approach can meet to the latest ever-changing challenges of advanced persistent threats and security technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud.

With EMS, enterprises reduce security risks, simplify workforce experience and improve employee's productivity through its unique features.

  • Mobile Device and Application Management
  • Protection of Data - Office emails, apps and files.
  • Economical - EMS delivers a cost effective saving of up to 50% as compared to purchasing the individual products separately.
  • User-friendly - easy to set up, always up to data, and connects easily to your existing resources.
  • Flexible - it provides support for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS as well as Windows mobile devices, including 2,500+ famous SaaS apps
  • Cyber intrusion detection - it identifies threats and security breaches
  • Allows Single sign on devices
Microsoft EMS GDPR
Microsoft EMS GDPR

What comes with Microsoft EMS

  • Azure Active Directory Premium - This technology primarily focuses on centralizing and securing your user accounts.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) - Helps to identify what cloud apps are in use and, where necessary, limit and safeguard user access.
  • Microsoft Intune - a combined device and app management solution. Be it in a laptop, iPhone, Android, or in any type of tablet, Intune helps to safeguard devices before company information is added to the device.
  • Azure Information Protection - Secures corporate data and resources. Even when your data travels to the cloud, you feel safe nonetheless.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) - Focuses on the on-premises environment. ATA focuses on your user accounts and not only looks for common threats but also uses machine learning to keep track and and evaluate user activity to ensure that your account are not compromised or misused.

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